Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beaded Curtain (home craft)

Materials Needed:   Beaded Curtain great for teens and tweens bedroom - Free project
Here are the yarns that were used in this project, but you can use any color you want!
Available yarn and colors may vary per store.
1 ball Lion Bouclé: Sorbet
1 ball Lion Bouclé: Sprinkles
1 ball Fun Fur: Turquoise
1 ball Fun Fur: Violet
1 ball Fun Fur: Hot Pink
Large-Eye Blunt Needles (Set of 6)
Assorted Beads
Tension Rod
GAUGE: Gauge is not important in this project.

Step 1: You’ll need to take a measurement – just one! Decide where you’ll want your finished curtain to hang. If you’re hanging it in a doorway, measure the height (length) of the doorway. If you want the curtain to hang to the floor, measure from the top of the doorway all the way to the floor. If you’re going to put beads in your curtain, add a couple of extra inches for knots to hold the beads in place. Too long is okay - you can always shorten it if you need to.
Step 2: Figure out a pattern that you like. We alternated rows of Bouclé with Fun Fur, as follows:
Strand 1: Lion Bouclé, in “Sorbet"
Strand 2: Lion Fun Fur, in “Hot Pink"
Strand 3: Lion Bouclé, in “Sprinkles"
Strand 4: Lion Fun Fur, in “Turquoise"
Strand 5: Lion Bouclé, in “Sorbet"
Strand 6: Lion Fun Fur, in “Violet"
Strand 7: Lion Bouclé, in “Sprinkles"
Strand 8: Lion Fun Fur, in “Hot Pink"
Continue this pattern, alternating colors of Lion Bouclé with colors of Fun Fur, or make up a pattern that you like!

Step 3: Cut yarn the length of the doorway. Tie beads onto the strands in random places. When you finish a strand, tie it onto the tension rod. Keep repeating this until you have as many strands as you like going across the rod.

Step 4: Secure the tension rod in the chosen doorway.

That’s it! You’re done! Love the way it looks? Consider making beaded curtains for your windows, or one for a friend - they’re fun, fast, and fantastic!

* When selecting beads for your curtain, be sure that the hole in your beads is large enough for either a tapestry needle or a beading needle to pass through..

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