Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tea Towel Curtains (home craft)

I found this looking thru the internet and thought I would share. On the West Coast Crafty.

I made a quick little set of embellished kitchen curtains when we lived in LA a couple of years ago — two floral-print tea towels with buttons sewn to the center of each flower. It’s a fun, easy project, but today I came up with an even simpler version for the other set of windows in our kitchen… so the button-flowers can live over the sink while these new ones hang out at the end of the room, replacing a heavy beige home-dec fabric set that came with the house that really wasn’t us at all. It’s just a few pieces of fabric switched out, but it feels like a whole new room — light, bright and open. I’m so happy with them!
Oregon state tea towel curtains
I found these Oregon state map tea towels  in Portland and got the idea to embellish a couple of my favorite places on them. Between ironing, stitching on little ornaments, and adding clip-on cafe curtain rings, this was a 45-minute project at most. I started by choosing a few buttons, sparkles, and charms I like:
buttons and charms for my curtains
I picked the blue star for Portland and the amber-colored sparkle for my favorite place to visit, Mt. Hood (west slope).
embellished Portland and Mt. Hood on my curtains
Then I added a few fun bits to the Oregon state seal at the top of the design, too.
embellished Oregon state seal on my curtains
I did each of the four panels the same way and I want to add some more embellishments in other places I like when I have more time… but for now I just wanted the old ones gone and the new ones up, so a few twists of a screwdriver later, success!
embellished Oregon tea towel curtains
I’m a lover of maps, but any fun, vibrant pattern would do nicely. Add any types of embellishment you like — besides the buttons, sparkles and charms I picked, rick-rack, beads, lace, or ribbon stripes could be fun. Or just clip the towels up as-is and call it good!

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