Friday, June 28, 2013

Patriotic Fabric Wreath (summer craft)

Patriotic Fabric Wreath   I found this on
Do you need a last minute July 4th decor idea?

This is super simple and pretty quick to make.  I made it in one night.


Wreath form (I used a wire one from Michael's)
Rotary cutter and board


Cut strips of fabric 2 inches wide and approximately 16 inches long.  Cut LOTS and LOTS of strips.  You could use scissors but it is easier and quicker to do with a rotary cutter and board.

Double knot your fabric around the wreath form, one strip at a time.  Scrunch your fabric together until you fill the entire wreath.

Since it is not very heavy, I hung it on my front door with a 3M picture hanger.  

I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY holiday!

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