Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christmas "Sweet Treats"


One large glass (Walmart-under $1.00)

Fuzzy socks, Christmas hat, scarf or anything that can be rolled with the looks of Ice Cream!

Candy Canes

Red Candy Pixie sticks

Christmas candy picks (Hobby Lobby $1.00-50% off)


Christmas tags


I used a scarf in my blizzard. I rolled it and puffed up the top to a tip. I added candy canes, pixie sticks and Christmas candy pick. Tie a ribbon, add a tag and welcome Christmas Smiles!

Christmas Swiss Roll:
How to make a Christmas Swiss Roll:


One Brown Washcloth

One White Washcloth

One Elastic

One Christmas Tag

One Candy Cane

Christmas Ribbon

Recipe: Take one white and brown wash cloth. Fold each washcloth to the middle, roll the two washcloths together.

Place elastic around the folded wash cloths to keep in place. Next, add candy cane, ribbon and Christmas tag.

Enjoy your Swiss Cake Roll with your Christmas Blizzard!


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