Monday, October 14, 2013

Snowman handwarmers


Fleece fabric
Craft Glue


1. I started by cutting out white circles in about 3 1/2" diameter. It takes two circles per snowman.

2. Next, I sewed around the snowman, leaving a small opening. On the girl, I sewed on the red cap in the process.

3. Using a funnel, I filled the bags with rice and sewed the small opening closed. I don't fill them too full so they are still squishy.

4. Decorate a face with small pieces of cut fleece. I used glue to attach the face. (If this were not for an entire class of 24 kids to make, I would probably sew on the face so it would last longer)

5. Pop your little rice snowmen in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Let your little ones hold them and place them in their jackets pockets to warm up their frosty fingers.

Warning: As with anything in the microwave, excessive heating can cause fires. Please also be aware if heated too long, these little snowmen could be a burn hazard. Please be careful. 

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