Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Orange Peel Cleaner

Orange Peel Cleaner is great. :) I just started making some.
You save up all your orange peels. We eat so many we can fill it up quickly. If you need to save them up- freeze them till you need the peels.
Once you can fill a jar up with peels then pour in enough vinegar to cover them all. Make sure the lid is on tight.
Sake it up ever so often. I leave this on my window sill in my kitchen so I see it. Its rather pretty and makes me feel like Martha Stewart. :)
Shake it up- and let it sit for at LEAST 2 weeks. However the longer you let it sit the better. :)
Once you let it sit a while- the vinegar gets syrupy .
Then when you are ready to mix up your cleaner- you strain out all the liquid. Toss the orange peels in your compost or whatever you want to do with them.
Mix two parts water to one part vinegar/orange together. Put it in a spray bottle and use as a cleaner. Because of the citrus it is antibacterial :)
It smells heavenly!!
You can do this with limes, lemons and other citrus peels as well

I found this here:  http://www.nothingbutcountry.com/2012/04/make-your-own-orange-peel-cleaner/

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