Monday, December 16, 2013

Felt Angel Bear Pocket

1 piece 4" X 6" white
1 piece 4" X 6" tan plus
1 square tan felt
1 piece 1" X 12" burgundy (red) felt
One 8mm jingle Bell
Burgundy or red gold, dark green and black embroidery floss
Acrylic paint in green, holly red, black and white
Hot glue and glue gun or craft glue
Small amount of stuffing
Paint brush 
Embroidery needle Read all instructions carefully before beginning. The pocket ornament is worked by hand using blanket stitching. You may machine stitch around outer edge. Just be sure to pin pieces together to hold as you stitch. Matching thread seems the best way to go for effect.
Blanket Stitch
diagram of blanket stitch
Diagram of the Blanket Stitch
  1. For the decorative finish along the edge of the ornaments, use a blanket stitch using two strands of embroidery floss.
  2. Beginning on the underneath side, come up to the right side of the work. Work the stitches about 1/4" apart and in depth as you work all the way around to your beginning point. Remember to leave an opening for stuffing.
  3. With right side of the fabric up, working from left to right, with the right side of the edge toward you, hold the thread with the thumb and insert the needle from the right side, catching the top edge of the piece you are working with, then bring it out from under the edge and over the thread. Draw the thread through by pulling it toward you forming the blanket stitch. Do not pull the thread too tightly.
Bear Pattern
  1. Cut bear, muzzle and pockets of tan felt, wings of cream.
  2. Using 3 strands red floss work blanket stitch across the top of pocket. Work holly berries and leaves. Berries are 3 strands red worked in 3 French knots. Leaves are a daisy stitch each side of berries of green floss. Or you might prefer to dot berries of red acrylic paint with paint brush end and leaves of green acrylic paint and small tip brush. Let dry.
  3. Place muzzle on bear face and work small blanket stitch around muzzle with 2 strands gold floss. Dip end of paint brush in black paint and dot nose. With gold, 2 strands outline stitch ear markings.
  4. Using 4 strands black floss run muzzle center from nose tip to lower muzzle center. Secure thread.
  5. Blush cheeks.
  6. Dip paint brush end in black paint and dot eyes. Let dry. With dotter dipped in white paint, highlight one side of each eye. Let dry. 
  7. Place body front and back together. Place pocket over lower bear body front. Pin together. Work blanket stitch all around using 2 strands gold floss leaving side opening where shown for stuffing.
  8. Lightly stuff bear being sure to stuff feet, arms and ears.
  9. With 2 strands red floss work blanket stitch around wings. With 2 strands green floss work small running stitches just below blanket stitches. Using 2 strands gold floss make 3 stars each side of wings as shown on pattern piece. Make a "+", go through this with an "X
  10. Glue wing to back of bear at neck. Make a small stitch at neck center front through all thicknesses and pull to tighten. Secure thread. This gives the bear a puffier look.
  11. Tie a bow with cranberry felt, 1 & 1/8" X 12". Trim ends. Glue bow to neck center front. Glue 8mm gold jingle bell to bow center. 
  12. Run crochet thread through center back head. Tie a knot. Pull thread ends and knot at the end for hanger, if desired.

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