Saturday, December 14, 2013

clear snowman ornament

Paint a clear ornament with textured snow and little snowmen for a winter wonderland look. Each of the snowmen has a different colored scarf for a splash of color.

DecoArt Products Required
Winter Wonderland Kit
  • DASK220 - Americana Winter Wonderland Kit (paints included)
Americana Acrylics
  • DAO67 - Lamp (Ebony) Black
  • DA196 - Tangelo Orange
  • DAS9 - Snow-Tex
Craft Twinkles
  • DCT1 - Crystal
  • Round, clear glass ornament

1. Apply Snow-Tex on bottom of ornament. Let dry.

2. On top of ornament, apply dabs of Snow-Tex for each snowman, spacing around the ornament. Let dry.

3. Dot Snow-Tex over open areas of ornament.

4. Paint hats, eyes, mouths, and buttons Lamp Black. Paint carrot noses Tangelo Orange and scarves assorted Americana Acrylic colors as desired.

5. When dry, apply Crystal Twinkles over entire surface.


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