Monday, December 16, 2013

Shovel Door Decoration

Christmas Craft Project - Shovel Door Decoration

Materials: 1 Provo Craft® shovel (available at craft supply stores); 1 lg holiday sprig of choice; 5 to 6 miniature pine cones; white glitter spray paint or spray snow; 1 pkg. Plastifoam® white balls - 1 1/2"; glue gun and sticks; red berries.


1. Glue holiday spring lengthwise along front of shovel handle 1ith foliage end facing downward.

2. Glue Plastifoam® balls on base of shovel in pile as shown in photo above.

3. Spray pine cones with snow or white glitter paint, allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Arrange pine cones on handle as desired and glue in place.

5. Glue tips or stems of berries and place between pine cones


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